Review: Weather Timeline (Android)

Ever since I switched from iOS to Android a few months back, I was on the lookout for a usable weather app that

  1. uses’s weather data
  2. is easy on the eyes, with a clean and enjoyable UI.

On iOS, I was very fond of Weather Line — that was the bar each and every weather forecast app had to reach. It was hard for any iOS app to get there, but it was even harder for Android apps for some reason. I gave a number of weather apps from the Play Store a spin, but none really stuck: they were too fiddly, too nerdy, too visually packed, too “lolreally?”.

Until I found the quite enjoyable Weather Timeline, that is. It’s rather accurate due to its choice of supported weather services, pleasant to look at, gives me just the right amount of data, comes with Android Wear support (I don’t care about that, tho) and has a weather prediction mode (based on the past and/or dark magic, I guess).


  • It comes with a more-than-agreeable price tag of €0.69. (Personally, I think that’s way too cheap for what you get and would’ve paid more.)
  • It sports a very uncluttered UI. After testing a number of different Android weather apps, I think I cannot overstate this point.
  • It makes some good assumptions about what’s relevant to you at the moment and shows you that. Should you desire more information, it’s most likely there, tho. The user experience is just good.
  • It supports three different weather data providers:, OpenWeatherMap and Weather Underground.
  • Follows the school of Material design and, therefore, fits right in with Android Lollipop.
  • Contains several themes (light/dark/customizable).
  • Offers a number of clean and versatile widgets. Personally, I like the simple 1×1 “place + current conditions” widget but if you need a bigger and/or more in-depth doodad, Weather Timeline delivers. They can be customized quite a bit, too (colors, opacity, rounded corners yes/no).


None, apart from a minor niggle: in the settings screen “Data & Updating” the “Data Source” line tells me about the default, which is I’d prefer to see the name of the currently set source instead.

Otherwise, I can’t find any flaws with the app. Delightful!


I’m pleased by Weather Timeline. This is not something I thought I’d ever say, as I am not a weather nerd. The weather’s an inevitable facet of living on this here rock, and I just want to know whether to put on long underwear and/or pack an umbrella. Nevertheless, the craftsmanship of its author and the obvious thoughtfulness at its foundation are apparent every time I open the app.

1010, would weather again”.


Made on a Nexus 5, running stock Lollipop 5.0.1.

Main screen

Weather forecast, timeline view (collapsed)

Weather forecast, timeline view (expanded)

Weather forecast, timeline view, scrolled down

Weather forecast, next 48 hours (after tapping the "Next 48 Hours card" in the timeline)

Weather forecast, radar view

Weather forecast, graphs

Weather forecasts from the future! The "Time Machine" view.

Main settings screen

Settings: Units

Settings: Interface

Settings: Interface, scrolled down

Settings: Notifications

Settings: Android Wear

Settings: Alerts

Settings: Data & Updating

Available widgets (part #1)

Available widgets (part #2)

Available widgets (part #1)

Customizing a widget