Post It #4

Parenting. Mr. Pilgrim on raising little humans:

Parenting is also like that Star Trek episode where they’re acting as anthropologists, watching a civilization evolve at like 100 times normal speed. (Isn’t there a Star Trek episode like that? Well there should be, damn it, I’m trying to tell a story here.) You wake up one morning and say, “Oh my God, Jim, they’re using tools! Next week they’ll be building spaceships!”

Roof status. Still there, unharmed. No storm-related damage at all. Apparently my sister wasn’t quite as lucky—her cellar/basement is a swimming pool now. Oiy.

News reader market shares. TechCrunch asks How big is Google Reader?, and while the chart in that post looks interesting, it doesn’t say much without Google Reader telling the Feedburner bot how many subscribers are there for any given feed.

Uncle Carlo. My baby sister is working on developing two little humans in her womb. Soon, I’ll be an “uncle”. The jury’s still out on whether I should feel proud (current notion) or old. Congratulations, Claudia & Tino.