Mini Review: "The Fountain"

After a good brunch with our good friends Seyhan, Daniela, Manfred and Hendrik, Dana and I set out to watch The Fountain today, starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

Even two hours after leaving the theater I am still stunned and deeply touched by the movie.

What’s it about? Yes, well, good question. To me, the movie wasn’t much about a story but about a feeling, or better, about feelings. The movie emanates a distinctive sadness, and yet manages to be full of hope; and it is seriously the first movie that really, really, captured the earnestness of true love.

Not by displaying big budget, singing and dancing and flashy pictures, but by having everything fit together perfectly: a strange and gripping tale, seriously great acting, wonderful aurals (it’s not just music) and working, breathtaking visuals.

I have a hard time describing it, sorry. If there ever was a movie that had the faintest hint of a soul, it must be this one.

It is not for everyone, but we were both awed by it. Seeing it was a gift, at least to me.